SOAS students launch campus Uyghur Solidarity Action Week: 11-15 October

Students in SOAS Uyghur Society have launched a week of action, calling on students and workers to join in the action on their respective campuses. Awareness has been growing amongst young people especially through online activism, and so this week aims to turn that awareness into concrete action, to reach out to others in the university community, and carry out public protests to draw attention to and put pressure on those complicit in the genocide. 

Write to MPs: end Uyghur forced labour, end all forced labour!

The UK Parliament’s Business (BEIS) Committee has established an Inquiry on Forced Labour in UK Value Chains, and on 5 November 2020 it’s set to hold a public hearing. It will hear evidence that shows how Uyghurs and other Muslim-majority Turkic ethnic groups are being coerced into forced labour by the Chinese state, in factoriesContinue reading “Write to MPs: end Uyghur forced labour, end all forced labour!”

PROTEST: Solidarity with Chinese workers & minorities! Free Uyghurs, Hong Kong & Tibet!

Against Beijing & Washington,
for international workers’ solidarity! 1 October is the founding anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. And it’s one year since Hong Kong police began using live ammunition on democracy protesters. This protest is in solidarity with all those struggling under the repressive Chinese state and ruling class – and the corporate giants like Apple which are complicit in the oppression and exploitation.

London Fashion Week Protest – Zara: End Uyghur Forced Labour

The Chinese state is waging a racist campaign to forcibly assimilate the Uyghur people and erase their nation and culture. It has imprisoned more than a million in concentration camps; imposed suffocating surveillance; separated children from families; suppressed political dissent, cultural expression and religious freedoms like owning a Quran; and forced contraceptive IUDs and sterilisation on women.