Protest 5 Feb: Remember the Ghulja massacre. Free the Uyghur people.

On 5 February 1997, a demonstration by thousands of Uyghurs in Ghulja was met with deadly force by the Chinese state. At least 100 protesters were massacred for protesting against repression of their culture and freedom. In the days afterwards, thousands were arrested, hundreds of whom were imprisoned, abused or executed.

Write to MPs: end Uyghur forced labour, end all forced labour!

The UK Parliament’s Business (BEIS) Committee has established an Inquiry on Forced Labour in UK Value Chains, and on 5 November 2020 it’s set to hold a public hearing. It will hear evidence that shows how Uyghurs and other Muslim-majority Turkic ethnic groups are being coerced into forced labour by the Chinese state, in factoriesContinue reading “Write to MPs: end Uyghur forced labour, end all forced labour!”