Home Office protest: fight oppression globally, welcome refugees!

The UK’s brutal, racist treatment of asylum seekers is already appallingly unjust. Yet now, the government’s plans to pile even more hardship on people seeking safety from violence and oppression. Its new immigration policy plan will deny safe, legal routes for refugees to flee political, religious and anti-LGBT persecution, then punish them for escaping by irregular routes. Many of those seeking sanctuary will find themselves arbitrarily imprisoned in brutal, inhumane, offshore detention camps. As campaigns standing up against persecution and oppression around the world, we cannot stand by while victims of those crimes are denied safe haven.

PROTEST 5 JULY: Remember Urumqi, Free the Uyghurs, Welcome Refugees

July 5th this year will be the 12th anniversary of the unrest, and the massacre which followed it, in Urumqi – the largest city of the Uyghur homeland (East Turkestan / Xinjiang).

MEETING: “China, Hong Kong and the Uyghurs: solidarity motion launch for Labour 2021”

We have teamed up with our friends in Labour Movement Solidarity With Hong Kong to write a motion for the Labour Party’s 2021 conference – China, Hong Kong & the Uyghurs: solidarity, peace, democracy & liberation. This week, Momentum members have the opportunity to vote in a policy primary for Momentum to support it. So please join us to hearContinue reading “MEETING: “China, Hong Kong and the Uyghurs: solidarity motion launch for Labour 2021””

Write to MPs: end Uyghur forced labour, end all forced labour!

The UK Parliament’s Business (BEIS) Committee has established an Inquiry on Forced Labour in UK Value Chains, and on 5 November it’s set to hold a public hearing. It will hear evidence that shows how Uyghurs and other Muslim-majority Turkic ethnic groups are being coerced into forced labour by the Chinese state, in factories supplyingContinue reading “Write to MPs: end Uyghur forced labour, end all forced labour!”

Monthly protest CANCELLED: act online instead

We have made the difficult decision to cancel the protest planned for 5 November. Instead of protesting, we’re asking all supporters to email and tweet your MPs about an inquiry by the parliamentary Business Committee into forced Uyghur labour in supply chains. Though we are confident that the safety measures we take on our protestsContinue reading “Monthly protest CANCELLED: act online instead”