Jacobin: Interview with Sean R. Roberts, author of “The War on the Uyghurs”

We strongly recommend checking out today’s interview with Sean R. Roberts in US-based radical left magazine Jacobin. Roberts is the author of the recent book The War on the Uyghurs. In the interview, he puts the ongoing persecution in the context of settler colonialism and War On Terror anti-Muslim racism – and calls for grassroots solidarity while opposing the sabre-rattling and militarism by Western powers’ hawks.

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Solidarity: “Xinjiang: the UN report that wasn’t”

Support for the Chinese government is secured, in part, by propaganda lies and distortions, denying the persecution of the Uyghurs, Kazakhs and other indigenous peoples of East Turkestan. One such story, recently published in the supposedly left-wing newspaper The Morning Star, claims that the United Nations investigated and found no evidence of human rights abuses. This claim is helpfully debunked in a short reply article published by socialist newspaper Solidarity. In short, there was no such investigation:

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Recognise the genocide, but don’t rely on the superpowers

Photo of Parliament by Eva Dang on Unsplash

This Thursday 22 April, Parliament will vote on a motion recognising that the persecution of Uyghurs, Kazakhs and the other indigenous peoples of Xinjiang (East Turkestan) constitutes genocide and crimes against humanity.

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Message of support from 左回声 Left Echo, Leipzig, Germany

左回声 Left Echo is a collective based in Leipzig, Germany, campaigning to build solidarity with emancipatory struggles in China. They have sent us the message of solidarity below, to be read out on their behalf at our 5 April protest. They and Nationalismus ist keine Alternative (Sachsen) will be demonstrating Saturday 17 April at 14:00 on Augustusplatz in Leipzig – please join them if you are in the region!

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MEETING: “China, Hong Kong and the Uyghurs: solidarity motion launch for Labour 2021”

We have teamed up with our friends in Labour Movement Solidarity With Hong Kong to write a motion for the Labour Party’s 2021 conference – China, Hong Kong & the Uyghurs: solidarity, peace, democracy & liberation. This week, Momentum members have the opportunity to vote in a policy primary for Momentum to support it. So please join us to hear more about the issues.

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Solidarity: “Report finds genocide against the Uyghurs”

One of our activists has written (in a personal capacity) for socialist newspaper Solidarity about the recent report that found the Chinese state responsible for acts of genocide against the Uyghur people:

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Solidarity from the National Education Union to Uyghur women and the Uyghur people

Thanks to the National Education Union and its General Secretaries, Mary Bousted and Kevin Courtney, for making a statement of solidarity with the Uyghur people and particularly Uyghur women, against Chinese state violence & persecution. The NEU organises more than half a million workers in UK schools and colleges.

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SOAS students vote to support Uyghur solidarity

[Update 23/02/2021] SOAS students at their Union General Meeting have voted by an overwhelming 86% margin to support the motion and campaign in solidarity!

Students at London’s School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS) are proposing a motion to their upcoming Union General Meeting that would commit SOAS Students’ Union to campaign in solidarity with the Uyghur people’s struggle for freedom.

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China, Hong Kong & the Uyghurs: solidarity motion for Labour Party conference 2021

Together with our friends at Labour Movement Solidarity with Hong Kong (UK), we have written this motion for the Labour Party conference scheduled in September 2021.

To get it to conference, we need as many local Constituency Labour Parties to pass it as possible and to choose it as their submission to the conference (each CLP can submit one motion or one rule change). If you are a Labour member, please consider putting it to your local CLP! Get in touch if you are thinking of doing this – we can offer tips about how to get it through. Email info@uyghursolidarityuk.org. (Please note, motions can be up to 250 words plus title, so this is the maximum length – if it’s made any longer, the submission will be rejected.)

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