Home Office protest: fight oppression globally, welcome refugees!

7pm Thursday 29 July
UK Home Office, Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DF
Facebook event


The UK’s brutal, racist treatment of asylum seekers is already appallingly unjust. Yet now, the government’s plans to pile even more hardship on people seeking safety from violence and oppression. Its new immigration policy plan will deny safe, legal routes for refugees to flee political, religious and anti-LGBT persecution, then punish them for escaping by irregular routes. Many of those seeking sanctuary will find themselves arbitrarily imprisoned in brutal, inhumane, offshore detention camps. As campaigns standing up against persecution and oppression around the world, we cannot stand by while victims of those crimes are denied safe haven.

The government has defended itself by boasting about its “BNO” scheme supporting Hong Kongers to come to this country. But not only does this scheme ignore other victims of persecution around the world and even in the rest of China – even among Hong Kongers it only helps those who happen to have the right papers and enough money.

Unconditional support for oppressed people to seek sanctuary and live peaceful lives in this country – regardless of how they got here or their ability to pay – is key to supporting liberation struggles everywhere.

And once here, no one should live in fear of deportation or be limited in their rights and opportunities. Everyone living here should have equal access to work, social security, and public services.

We need to stand up to the Home Office and show our solidarity with those in need, regardless of which side of a border they come from. As recent victories – stopping Osime Brown’s deportation and blocking an immigration raid in Glasgow – have reminded us, collective action can beat this cruel government. Join us on Thursday 29 July outside the Home Office to protest the new immigration proposals and the UK’s border regime, and demand safe haven and equality for all refugees.

The Uyghur Solidarity Campaign UK has initiated this protest – as campaigners against persecution abroad, we believe that this government’s anti-refugee policies are a lethal betrayal of people who are fleeing that persecution and seeking safety here. We invite other international solidarity campaigns, and migrants’ rights campaigns, to join us and co-host the protest – please contact us if you want to support and get involved!

Co-hosts so far:

  • Uyghur Solidarity Campaign UK
  • Power to Hong Kongers
  • International Federation of Iraqi Refugees
  • Labour Movement Solidarity with Hong Kong (UK)
  • Labour Campaign for Free Movement
  • Global Majority vs UK Gov
  • Another Europe is Possible
  • Muslim LGBT Network
  • Democracy for Hong Kong
  • UK Student Climate Network London

Please help us keep everyone safe from COVID-19:
😷 Wear a face covering at all times

🦺 Protest stewards will ask you to maintain distance – please follow their advice
🤒 Support from home if you or anyone in your household is vulnerable, has been told to self-isolate, or has shown COVID-19 symptoms in the last 2 weeks.


7pm Thursday 29 July

UK Home Office, Marsham St, London SW1P 4DF




我們須抗議英國內政部的新政和聲援世界各地的受迫害者。從我們成功阻止Osime Brown被逐出境以及阻止格拉斯哥當局突擊搜查難民的事例可見,集體行動可有效制衡政府的不人道行為。請加入我們7月29日於英國內政部門外的示威,抗議新推出的入境法例建議和英國的邊境政策,以及要求政府為所有難民提供平等的庇護和待遇。

是次示威由英國維吾爾團結運動(Uyghur Solidarity Campaign UK)發起。作為抵抗海外迫害的團體,我們認為政府的新法背叛了所有到英國尋求庇護的人。我們邀請其他國際團結運動、移民權益運動加入和共同主持是次示威。如欲支持和參與,請聯絡我們!

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