Jacobin: Interview with Sean R. Roberts, author of “The War on the Uyghurs”

We strongly recommend checking out today’s interview with Sean R. Roberts in US-based radical left magazine Jacobin. Roberts is the author of the recent book The War on the Uyghurs. In the interview, he puts the ongoing persecution in the context of settler colonialism and War On Terror anti-Muslim racism – and calls for grassroots solidarity while opposing the sabre-rattling and militarism by Western powers’ hawks.

Demanding an End to Uyghur Oppression
An interview with Sean R. Roberts

“…Sean R. Roberts — a cultural anthropologist who has studied the Uyghur region for over three decades — has written a new book on the crisis, The War on the Uyghurs, which places its origins both in the Chinese state’s colonial relationship with the Uyghur people and the global War on Terror launched by the United States in 2001. …” [read more]

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