Remember the Urumqi massacre. Free the Uyghur people. Protest on 5 July 2022!

Tuesday 5 July, London
16:30 – Commemoration @ Parliament Square
18:00 – Protest @ Chinese Embassy, 49 Portland Place, W1B 1JL
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The Uyghur Solidarity Campaign UK brings together solidarity in the UK workers’ movement in support of the Uyghur people’s struggle for freedom.

5 July this year will be the 13th anniversary of the unrest, and the massacre which followed it, in Urumqi – the largest city of the Uyghur homeland (East Turkestan / Xinjiang).

Join us, Stop Uyghur Genocide& Uyghur Community UK to remember and protest:

  • 16:30: Commemoration @ Parliament Square
  • 18:00: Protest @ Chinese Embassy, 49 Portland Place, W1B 1JL

On 5 July 2009, a peaceful protest – demanding justice for two Uyghur factory workers murdered by a racist mob – was violently repressed by riot police. This sparked widespread clashes and riots and the deaths of dozens of people, both Uyghur and Han. In response, a violent crackdown by the authorities killed, disappeared and arrested thousands of Uyghurs.

This proved to be an inflection point in the escalating state persecution of the Uyghurs, which today has reached genocidal levels.

Our protest will remember the events of July 2009 and demand freedom and self-determination for the Uyghur people and other indigenous peoples of the region – and safe haven for refugees fleeing the terror.

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