Call for a new campaign: workers’ solidarity against CCP repression

We are pleased to support this new initiative, to unite labour movement solidarity with all the struggles for emancipation, democracy and justice in China and the territories controlled by the Chinese state.

Labour Movement Solidarity with Hong Kong

The UK-based Labour Movement Solidarity with Hong Kong (LMSWHK) campaign proposes this draft platform for a new campaign – one in solidarity with the oppressed people and workers of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet & the Uyghur Region.

The LMSWHK thinks this is important for Hong Kong’s democratic and workers’ struggles as well as those of workers and oppressed people across the region. This is explained in our statement. The explosion of dissent across China, that originated in resistance and protest against the abuse of Foxconn workers in Zhengzhou’s “iPhone City” and the murderous neglect of Uyghurs in Urumchi, reminds us of the struggles, and the enormous potential power, of China’s workers and oppressed people.

We plan to organise an inaugural conference of the new campaign along with other sponsors in late March/ early April – most likely in London. The details of the inaugural conference will be decided…

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