Catch up: Remember the Urumqi massacre. Fight for Uyghur rights & freedoms.

Our online event on 5 July, commemorating the 11th anniversary of the unrest in Urumqi and the massacre of Uyghur protesters that followed, heard eyewitness testimonies from people who were at the scene in 2009, and wide-ranging discussion about the struggle today.

For those who missed out, you can listen to the recording, or download it, from here:

We heard from audience members as well as the following speakers:

  • Zumretay Arkin, eyewitness to the events in Urumqi 2009
  • Rahima Mahmut, World Uyghur Congress
  • Maira Aisaeva, Uyghur Community UK
  • John McDonnell, Labour MP
  • Kate Osamor, Labour MP
  • Stephen Kinnock, Labour MP
  • Ben Towse, Uyghur Solidarity Campaign UK
  • John Moloney, Assistant General Secretary, PCS trade union

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