Solidarity from the National Education Union to Uyghur women and the Uyghur people

Thanks to the National Education Union and its General Secretaries, Mary Bousted and Kevin Courtney, for making a statement of solidarity with the Uyghur people and particularly Uyghur women, against Chinese state violence & persecution. The NEU organises more than half a million workers in UK schools and colleges.

SOAS students vote to support Uyghur solidarity

[Update 23/02/2021] SOAS students at their Union General Meeting have voted by an overwhelming 86% margin to support the motion and campaign in solidarity! Students at London’s School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS) are proposing a motion to their upcoming Union General Meeting that would commit SOAS Students’ Union to campaign in solidarity withContinue reading “SOAS students vote to support Uyghur solidarity”

No trade deals with genocidal states – but don’t rely on British courts

In December, the House of Lords passed an amendment to the Trade Bill that would stop the UK making or maintaining trade deals with states that the High Court determines has committed genocide. It was supported by Labour and other opposition parties, and opposed by the Tory government. It will be put to a voteContinue reading “No trade deals with genocidal states – but don’t rely on British courts”

Young Labour election candidates: pledge campaigning solidarity for the Uyghur people

Young Labour activists among our supporters have asked us to launch this pledge: we’re calling on candidates in the Young Labour election to commit, if they win, to using their posts to build campaigning solidarity with the Uyghur people. If you are a candidate in these elections and you would like to sign the pledge,Continue reading “Young Labour election candidates: pledge campaigning solidarity for the Uyghur people”

Against Beijing and Washington, for International Workers’ Solidarity: Internationalists and the 1 October Day of Action

Together with our friends in Labour Movement Solidarity with Hong Kong (UK), we’ve launched this open letter to bring together internationalists for action in solidarity with all those struggling under the repressive Chinese state and ruling class. Please sign, support and share, and protest with us on 1 October! 中文版

Solidarity: “Who’s lying about the Uyghurs? Socialist Action covers for repression in China”

Despite its racist crimes and the yawning inequality and exploitation in the society it rules, the Chinese state unfortunately has the support of some who consider themselves left-wing or socialist. This support is secured in part by propaganda lies denying the persecution of the Uyghur people and other minorities in Xinjiang. This week, a supporterContinue reading “Solidarity: “Who’s lying about the Uyghurs? Socialist Action covers for repression in China””

Ben Towse: “Neither Washington nor Beijing: The Left Must Stand With the Uighurs”

One of our activists writes in Novara Media about what the Chinese state is doing to the Uyghur people, what is motivating the atrocities, and how socialists, progressives, trade unionists and the workers’ movement can make concrete solidarity:

BBC Newsnight: Harrowing testimony from Uyghur survivor of forced sterilisation & a bid for justice at the ICC

Zumrat Dawut shares her experience as a survivor of forced sterilisation at the hands of the Chinese state, and BBC International Editor Gabriel Gatehouse reports on efforts to hold Chinese state officials, including Xi Jinping, accountable at the International Criminal Court in the Hague for crimes against humanity. Watch and share this BBC Newsnight report:

Catch up: Remember the Urumqi massacre. Fight for Uyghur rights & freedoms.

Our online event on 5 July, commemorating the 11th anniversary of the unrest in Urumqi and the massacre of Uyghur protesters that followed, heard eyewitness testimonies from people who were at the scene in 2009, and wide-ranging discussion about the struggle today. For those who missed out, you can listen to the recording, or downloadContinue reading “Catch up: Remember the Urumqi massacre. Fight for Uyghur rights & freedoms.”